CamSur’s PHO launches Serbisyong Ka Fuerte Handog Kay Nanay; roles out free medical and social services to the province’s pregnant women 🤰🩵

When it comes to prioritizing healthcare programs, the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur always leads by example. From the medical services in Ka Fuerte Medical Assistance Program and Serbisyong Ka Fuerte in forms of financial assistance, distribution of medical kits and assistive devices such as wheelchair, cranes, and walkers, to the free laboratory tests such as CT scans, ultrasounds, X-rays, and mammograms, to the acquisition of state-of-the-art medical equipment such as the Medical Diagnostic Van, Laboratory Diagnostic Bus, Hospital-on-Wheels, Dental Clinic-on-Wheels, Women’s Wellness-on-Wheels, and the newest Eye Clinic-on-Wheels, and to the daily medical caravan of the Provincial Health Office, reaching even the farthest and most geographically-inaccessible parts of CamSur.
To add to these heaps of healthcare projects and programs, the Provincial Health Office Cam Sur has recently launched the Serbisyong Ka Fuerte Handog Kay Nanay. This program aims to visit all municipalities of CamSur, bringing with them the Women’s WOW along with the skilled healthcare workers of PHO, and hand-deliver the medical services of the Provincial Government. This primarily aims to attend to the needs of the pregnant women of CamSur by providing them with medical services such as 4D ultrasound, urinalysis, and blood chemistry – all free of charge.
The very first serbisyo caravan for pregnant women was held in RMG Resort, in the municipality of San Jose, on June 19-20, 2024. The 2-day caravan flocked to by pregnant and non-pregnant residents to avail of the free medical services was able to serve over 200 beneficiaries.
A search for Buntis Queens was also conducted during the caravan where winning participants received cash and half a sack of rice for prize.
Apart from the medical services, the participating pregnant women also received pregnancy milk, sacks of rice, and vitamins. They also get to have a pamper day with free haircut, and manicure and pedicure available.
Through the efforts of the Provincial Health Office of the Provincial Government of Camarines Sur headed by Gov Luigi Villafuerte, the Serbisyong Ka Fuerte Handog Kay Nanay will continue making rounds. After San Jose, they have also visited Presentacion and Sagñay, and set to go to Goa, Caramoan, Garchitorena, Sipocot, Milaor, and San Fernando in the coming days.
Province of CamSur Official FB Page
source: Province of CamSur Official FB Page
date: Jun 24, 2024

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